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New Local Broadband Infrastructure

Fiber Wireless Operating Networks, FWON, the network operator of new Local Fiber & Fixed Wireless (10G) network (www.localbroadband.net) executes agreements to provide 10-100 Gbps high speed data connections throughout the greater Austin area.  Construction on the network has been initiated and the customers are expected to be connecting to the new network soon.  
FWON, the network operator for (www.localbroadband.net), executes long term agreement to provide 5,10, & 20 Gbps high speed “Alternate” data connections delivered to local commercial real estate buildings along with hotels, small and medium sized businesses, schools/universities, bars, and restaurants seeking new or back up broadband connections.  
Most businesses have only "one wired route" of broadband which can be very expensive and vulnerable to cuts/outages.  The new network is not connected to these wired legacy networks that typically use the same path in.  Now tenant businesses, hotels, etc. can buy more bandwidth and have 2 (two) routes in and out bringing the uptime to nearly 100% and bringing these properties to the forefront of “Gigabit” high speed broadband connectivity.    Internet downtime, lost connections to cloud servers, POS systems, and VOIP etc. is estimated to cost businesses over $1 Trillion each year.  Reliable alternate commercial broadband is now a necessity, not a luxury!
These connections are symmetrical connections provisioned for both upload AND download and are capable of transmitting 10,000-100,000 Mbps both ways, not best efforts.  This would allow an entire DVD movie to be transferred in about 3 seconds.  The network is offering commercial speeds which are 10-20 times faster than most existing services and 1000 times faster than the average US home internet connection,   FWON have 10,000 miles of fiber assets connecting various existing locations outward throughout Austin, Dallas, Houston & San Antonio along with over 1000+ MHz of FCC licensed/shared wireless spectrum. Local Broadband Networks plan to grow its footprint and increase bandwidth to 100 Gbps as broadband demand rises, doubling every year and a half.

More Local Broadband Internet

Net Neutrality is solved when local businesses have a real local competitive option!

Locally Focused

Businesses need more broadband especially if it provided over new routes.