The Local Broadband Network - Austin

The Local Broadband Network

Hybrid Fiber & Fixed Wireless Broadband (10G)


The Local Broadband Network delivers new enterprise class broadband, transport, and data connectivity serving commercial real estate (CRE) buildings, small and medium business/enterprise, hotels, MDU’s, smart city, restaurants, and bars throughout Austin TX.

Over the past 15 years, we have been providing broadband network solutions to local companies and entities now covering thousands of square miles.  

Multi-Homed/Fault Tolerant


  • Enterprise Class Internet with speeds up to 20 Gbps (40Gbps coming)
  • Symetcial Bandwidth, low latency/jitter (sub millisecond in many cases)
    • Enables better use of the cloud
  • Alternate routes using new separate infrastructure to buildings
  • "Blended Internet" for better SLA's and up-time

Broadband, Private Transport & Data


Providing 1,5,10, & 20 Gbps high speed “Alternate” data connections delivered to local commercial real estate buildings along with hotels, government, small and medium sized businesses, schools/universities, bars, and restaurants seeking new or back up broadband connections.  


New Alernate Hybrid Fiber & Fixed Wireless using FCC Licensed Spectrum

Gigabit Broadband Services

50 Mbps to 10 Gbps (40Gbps Coming Soon)


Demand for bandwidth is doubling every 1.5 years.  Hyper local focused network.  Bringing new or back up / redundant broadband to where it is needed.  New FCC licensed/shared wireless spectrum.

Enterprise Load Balancing


By having two internet providers, one on legacy wires built 25 years ago and our new network which has proven to be faster than traditional fiber, your business should have 100% uptime and availability and adequate bandwidth today and the future.  Proactive network management.

Large Inventory Of Fiber Assets


Nearly 100% of buildings located in Austin are within reach of our existing fiber footprint.  Within a matter of weeks and without digging up streets, businesses can connect to our fiber network at Gigabit speeds.  Lowest latency and jitter.


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